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CPD Ukraine – Program on Integrated Heritage Recovery

Open Call for CPD Ukraine – Continuous Professional Development Program on Sustainable Development with Heritage. 

A one year program for architects and planners that aims to enhance a capacity to coordinate recovery with a respect for people’s memory and knowledge of heritage protection in urban planning. The program is organized in six events where the participants will take part in seminars on heritage and memory as a resource for democratic planning for a sustainable rebuilding in Ukraine. It will include workshops about the pilots that the participants bring to the network. We will discuss integrated approaches where heritage recovery is combined with sustainable development thinking on links between social and ecological concerns and share examples from Ukraine, Europe and Sweden. The participants will get support to develop their ideas for pilot projects with colleagues from all Europe.

The program includes free study trips to Sweden, Germany and Lithuania to meet colleagues and learn directly from the source about practices in those countries. A requirement is that the participants can spare time to prepare their presentations for the workshops in their workplaces.

The program is a part of the Ureherit project, organized by Architects Sweden and Union of Architects Ukraine. Participants in the program will get direct access to all the resources in the Ureherit network such as mapping and assessment methodology in heritage protection and development, architectural design competitions and urban forums as tools to mobilize local community participation, conservation technologies for modernist heritage and critical theory of heritage in sustainable development.

The CPD program will act at large, and advise on pilot projects to connect them to expert and financial networks in Europe. The program has been developed in a prestudy with practitioners and researchers on architecture and urban planning in Ukraine. See report on needs for capacity building.

What is a Continued Professional Development (CPD) program?

  • Lifelong learning perspective
  • Intensive knowledge exchange between colleagues and experts
  • EU recommendation for professional qualification

What is the CPD Ukraine program?

CPD Ukraine program is a continuous professional development program on participatory and sustainable development with heritage. It is also an educational platform for practical knowledge exchange between professionals (from Ukraine and EU) with a focus on the development of pilot projects in a dialogue with participants.

Program details

  • 1 year duration – 6 sessions of 3 days (from May 2024 to August 2025)
  • Hybrid learning format: lectures, workshops, study tours in EU
  • Part time involvement (80 hours per module including preparation of presentations, reading and writing)
  • Cross disciplinary learning between UA participants and EU colleagues
  • Learning with their own pilot projects
  • European advisory network with matching of colleagues from Ukraine with Europe to build strong teams for pilot implementation.
  • Consultation on funding application and stakeholder engagement with experts.
  • Travel and accommodation during the study trips are covered for Ukrainian participants.

Programs (preliminary) modules

Block1: Sustainability, democracy and definition of heritage in urban transformation. Seminar and workshop comparing Swedish, European and Ukrainian examples. Study trip to Stockholm region. With Swedish partners like RAÄ in May 2024.

Block2: Critical theory of heritage and democratic sustainable development on scales from landscape to furniture. Workshop on critical practices of memorialization. In Lviv with Kharkiv School of Architecture and KTH in September 2024.

Block3: Participatory methods for assessment of memory and heritage actualization with architectural competitions. Workshop on participatory and transformative approaches to monument conservation and writing the brief with colleagues from all Europe. In central Europe (tbc with German chamber of architects and ACE) in November 2024

Block4: Heritage in legislation, planning and urban development. Workshop on pilot project organization and planning methodology and finance. In Kyiv in February 2025 with NUAU and partners sharing their experience in aid to local communities and piloting in crises.

Block 5: Stakeholder involvement in projects for rebuilding with heritage. Workshop on pilot project proposals from participants, potentially partnering with European colleagues, Urban Forums. In Vilnius in May 2025

Block 6: Presenting project proposals for rebuilding with heritage. Workshop on conservation methods for modern heritage. In Malmö/Copenhagen in August 2025

The CPD program includes 6 sessions of 3 days for 1 year + reading and preparation of presentations (minimum 80 hours per module, including travels and study tours).

Information about how to prepare the statement of intention and a pilot project idea will be shared at an internet session on December 12.

Schedule (preliminary)

  • Open call for participants from Ukraine: November 2023 – January 2024
  • Selection of participants: February – March 2024
  • Event 1: May 2024 in Stockholm (3 days plus travel time)
  • Event 2: September 2024 in Lviv (3 days)
  • Event 3: November 2024 in Central europe (3 days plus travel time)
  • Event 4: February 2025 in Kyiv (3 days)
  • Event 5: May2025 in Vilnius (3 days plus travel time – not so much)
  • Event 6: August 2025 in Malmö/Copenhagen (3 days plus travel time)

Who is this program for?:

Program is for the professionals who are currently working in a field of built environment as planners, architects, administrators, teachers or phd students that are interested in developing their skills in pilot project development for sustainable rebuilding in Ukraine with heritage.

We will prioritize teams that already have relations with administrators in a local community (hromada). The administrators are also welcome as participants.

Job descriptions: municipal architects and planners, architects consultants (working with hromadas), academic staff and phd candidates, administration – (department of culture heritage, representatives from non-gov organizations and volunteer entities.

How to participate?

Three levels of engagement:

  1. Become a member of the CPD Ukraine Platform* by submitting an application with a statement of your interest, CV with experience and a short description of a potential pilot project (related to the topics of the program).
    *CPD Ukraine Platform you get online access to the general expert lectures.
  2. Pass the selection and get a positive answer to become one of 24 active participants for the CPD Ukraine Program*. Participants will present their projects in the workshops and get feedback from the other participants from Ukraine and colleagues and experts from EU.
    * CPD Ukraine Program you get full access to the program, the study trips, consultation on pilot projects and mentorship from EU colleagues.
  3. Sign the memorandum of commitment for participation in the CPD Ukraine Program after acceptance by the advisory board of the program.

Open call:

  • Fill out google form Open Call “CPD Ukraine” with your team description (or individual), CV with work experience, potential pilot project description.
  • Questions Send to: Important: Specify topic “CPD Ukraine”.
  • Selection criteria: mid-career individuals with a mixture of experiences that are connected to a team of 2–3 persons including one working in or closely with a local community: teaching, practicing and administration (private, public, NGO, academia).

Download open call in UA

Download open call in ENG


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