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Aerial view of the historical center of Lviv, Ukraine. UNESCO’s cultural heritage.




UREHERIT unites European and Ukrainian architects in effort to preserve and restore cultural heritage

During the three-year project, European and Ukrainian heritage specialists, architects, planners, engineers, other professionals, officers of local authorities and communities of Ukrainian cities through research, workshops, public discussions, events, continuous professional development, and educational programs for architectural schools, will analyze topics of protection and restoration of Ukrainian cultural heritage. The project is initiated by the Architects Association of Lithuania, co-financed by the European Union program Creative Europe. It is the first time when such a wide international consortium of architectural organizations joins efforts in reaching common results aimed at preservation of Ukrainian heritage and culture.

The project will address heritage as a resource for sustainable cultural, social, environmental, and economic recovery, while solving challenges of preservation, re-definition and highlighting the national and local cultural identity and reflect the memory in the rebuilding. Project participants will share their knowledge and experience, and will experiment with the aim to build competence on the heritage protection, regeneration of culturally meaningful plans and projects and empowering of local communities as a tool for building the new, democratic, and sustainable Ukraine with a unique yet European cultural DNA.

The project is being implemented by the Consortium of 11 organizations: Architects Association of Lithuania (coordinator of the project), Architects Sweden, Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineers, Austria (BKZT), Royal Danish Academy. The Institute of Technology and Architecture (IBT), Romanian Order of Architects, The National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists (CNAPPC, Italy), Federal Chamber of German Architects (BAK), Estonian Association of Architects, The National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Ro3kvit: Urban Coalition for Ukraine, Kharkiv School of Architecture with the Architects’ Council of Europe as associated partner.

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Lietuvos architektų sąjunga
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