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BAUA paviljono UIA kongrese Seule 2017 m. idėjos konkursas. Atsakymai į klausimus

Atsakymai į konkurso dalyvių klausimus:
Q1. Is it known what would be the position of the pavilion – corner or 3-sides booth? 
A1. The organizers of the Congress and the Exhibition didn’t specify the layout plan of all the pavilions yet. Therefore the design proposal should be flexible in order to be able to adjust it to a corner or 3-sides booth position.
Q2. Please specify what does „keyword“ mean
A2. „Keyword“ is a sequence of numbers, symbols or some word or combination of words, understood as a name of the project (e.g. „BAUA_Seoul“, „2017_Baltic“, etc.). The Participant is free to chose the keyword by himself/herself.
Q3. We need to come up with design booth or pavilion ?
A3. The space between the walls of the booth (including the interior sides of the walls and the floor of the booth, see App. No. 1) is considered to be a space of BAUA’s pavilion. A Participant should provide the idea of a design of this space and a content (information presented).
Q4.  the exhibition scale of what?
A4. An unclear question. The Participant hasn’t specified the question upon request.
Q5. design should pavilion or stand? 
A5. See the A3
Q6. Sources bottom you give?
A6. An unclear question. The Participant hasn’t specified the question upon request.


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